About MAPP

Melbourne Association for Psychodynamic Psychiatry (MAPP) is an incorporated not-for-profit organisation consisting of practising psychiatrists which provides a course that satisfies the seminar and infant observation requirements for the Individual Dynamic Psychotherapy (IDP) component for the RANZCP Certificate of Advanced Training in the Psychotherapies.

The MAPP course is located entirely within the profession of psychiatry. It recognises that its trainees bring the experience of having taken medical responsibility at a senior level for patients with the most serious and complex illnesses. It assumes a post-graduate level of knowledge of all the relevant sciences as a starting point for the course.

The training is a continuation of medical and psychiatric training with a grounding in diagnosis and treatment within the biopsychosocial model.

The next course begins July 2016. Expressions of interest for this course are now invited and should be directed to: 2016 Course Director, Dr Penny Golding at pennygolding@gmail.com, phone 0411 747 465.

MAPP have now also introduced an annual short course, Psychotherapy in Psychiatry.